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The Privacy Policy describes how we treat your personal information when you use OctroTalk and other applications including social games and services from Octro Inc.  At Octro Inc., we respect your right to privacy. We will never sell or otherwise pass on your name, e-mail or other information to a third party without your consent except for when it is required to provide you the service you are using.

What information do we collect?
 When you use software or services from Octro, we collect some personal information to allow us to provide you the service, fulfill your requirement and provide you the customer support. This information may include your account information for Google, Apple, Facebook and other networks, your name, address, phone number, your device information, registration data, email address, and any other information that you entered while using our software and services. We do not store the credit card information.
How is this information used? Only Octro has access to any such information. We will not give or sell your private information to any other company for any purpose without your written consent. We may use this information to notify you of important announcements regarding our software developments, software upgrades, special offers and to provide you the application/software support. If you do not want to receive any announcement from us, you can ask to be excluded from such announcements by sending us email to this effect.
Review of personal information. At any time, you may ask us to remove your registration data and personal information our system. However, some information may be necessary for providing you our services and support. In that event we may not be able to provide you one or more of our services that you are using.
In Octro social games, we do not delete the past game results or records. Even if you delete Teen Patti application from your phone or do not join Teen Patti again, the past game results are not be deleted.Security. Octro will take reasonable steps to protect your personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure or unauthorized alteration.By downloading any Octro software or creating an account or accessing or using the Service you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms of Service.

Subject to your compliance with Terms of Service, Octro grants you a revocable, non-exclusive limited license to access and use the Services. This license is non-transferable. You agree to use the Service for your own non-commercial purposes.You play some Octro social games to win chips, which is virtual currency or virtual money. You do not play with real money. The chips you lose or win have no value in real money. At times you may “earn” or “buy or purchase” virtual currency and virtual in-game items. These virtual currency and items do not refer to any credit balance of real currency or its equivalent. Octro reserves the right to terminate the license of any user without giving any reason. If Octro believes that a user has acquired chips from unauthorized sources and from sources that violate the terms of the service, it has right to take away all or a part of the total chips with the user.

Downloading the Teen Patti by Octro is free. Octro gives you free chips to begin with and regularly. This gives you limited license to play Teen Patti. If you do not lose all your free chips, you can play Teen Patti for unlimited period. If you lose your free chips, you can not play Teen Patti. However, you have option to buy chips and join the game. The chips that you buy and the chips that you win have no value in the real currency. If you do not want to play Teen Patti any more, the chips remaining with you have no value in real money but instead constitutes a measurement of the extent of your license. These chips are not transferable.

Chips are sold by iTunes Store (Apple), Google Play and Facebook. Octro, Inc does not sell chips or collect any payment on behalf of Apple, Google or Facebook. No other party is authorized to sell the chips.

By accepting to use Teen Patti application, you fully understand and agree that you can lose chips because of many reasons beside losing while playing the game. Some of the reasons are client’s data connection, Internet connection, improper behaviour of the client (Teen Patti app), Octro, Inc. server problem, sudden increase in traffic, someone else using your account or your account is hacked and many more.

Octro Inc, its subsidiaries and associates are not liable for any loss of chips due to functioning as well as malfunctioning of its severs and software including Indian Rummy and Teen Patti. Winning a hand of Teen Patti chiefly depends upon the cards you get. When you download Teen Patti by Octro, you accept and agree to play it only for fun and entertainment and Octro Inc. is not liable for any damage or loss or what so ever.

The following restrictions apply to use of the Service:
a) You must not use the Service is you are under the age of 13. You must deny anyone under 13 to use your account. You are fully responsible for any unauthorized use of the Service including not limited to the use of credit card or any payment by any method.
b) You shall use your account only for non-commercial entertainment purposes. You shall not use the Service for any other purpose.
c) You shall not use your account for any illegal activity.
d) You shall not use your account to transmit repetitive messages (spam), junk e-mail, advertise and solicit.
e) You shall not post any objectionable and offensive information including but not limited to abusive,  threatening, racial, sexual, or obscene.
f) You will not use your account to cheat or hack the game by any means.
e) You shall not sublicense, lease, trade, gift, sell or otherwise transfer your account or associated virtual items partly or fully to anyone without written permission from Octro.
f) You shall not buy or purchase chips and virtual items from any unauthorized source.
g) You shall not create or use more than one Facebook account to use the Service.
g) You shall not use any of the Services or create an account or use an account if you have been removed or banned from using the Service.
h) You shall not use any of the Octro Services if you do not agree with the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or any other Policy, and your license to use the services shall immediately terminate.

Octro reserves the right to terminate the license of any user.

47 comments on “Legal/Privacy
  1. bhupendrasinh says:

    i cant login with facebook i have lenovo mobile plz rpl

    • saurabh says:

      Does the application go to “connecting”, “logging in” or does it give some error before that?

      Try to go to application settings (Settings=>Apps=>TeenPatti), and select “clear data”. Try after doing that.

  2. mitesh says:

    In teen Patti suggestion: timeout player must go out from boot if he timeout 1 time.

    • saurabh says:

      Currently if a player is timeout once, he/she is droped from that hand. If the player is time out 3 times, he/she is removed from the table.

  3. chirag says:

    Sir coin purches karne k liye credit card k jagah sidha mobile number add karke mobile Balance se purches kar sake

  4. Mitesh Patel says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please solve my problem my game is suddenly stop when i update new version of Teen Patti. when i start my game than after i have received one message. the message is (purchase verification failed at silent side). Please solved my problem and start my game again thank-you.

  5. dip says:

    what to do for remove unwanted friends made in this game ?
    they were outside of facebook i dont know whose is that.

    • saurabh says:

      Click setting icon and then under “Manage TeenPatti Friends”, select Remove Local Teen Patti Friends.

  6. raju says:

    Table pe kuch log ajeeb si language me kuch likhte hai aur me logout ho jata hu chal chalte chalte.. ye hack karte hai iska kuch karo

  7. akram says:

    Mere sath kuch ajeeb ho raha hai jaise meri dao lagti hai mein game se exit ho jata hu aur upar likh ke ata hai Some one says: box box box banke ata hai plzzzz help me thanku
    (When ever I win a hand, then a message appears some one says: box box box and I exit from the game.)

    • saurabh says:

      There are many users who get these messages but they do not exit from Teen Patti. It appears that these message affect only a limited number of phones. What phone are you using?

  8. akhan2046 says:

    Helo dear sir.
    Mujhe aj kal teen patti mai bhot prblm ho rhi hai.
    Tabel pe khelte khelte achanak bahar means net fel ho jata hai.
    An jab rejoin kru tu kuch like ke ata hai kisi alag launguge mai.
    Aur jab tak join kro tab tak time out ho jata hai.
    Pls iska kuch kro.
    Bhot sare ladke hai jo aisa krte hai.
    Plss dear sir its rqst pllsss…

  9. akram says:

    Dear sir.
    Aj fhr se 5 bar mujhe network se block kiya gaya hai.
    Maine ap ko pahle bhi bataya tha ki kuch wajah se network block ho jata hai.
    Aj fhr wahi hua.
    Pls sir kuch kro ap log.
    Ya fhr bata do hum log khelna band kr de.
    Khelne se ab dar lagta hai.
    Deepika ajju.
    Adil momin.
    An aise bhot sare hai jin ke sath khelne pe ye prblm ati hai.
    Ap jawb do kya kre khelna band kre ..
    Ya roj aise hi paise har jaye mehnat se kamaye hue.
    Thnk u

  10. hardik patel says:

    teenpatti game start karta hu to “retriving invitation friend” esa screen pe process chalu hi rehta hai aur game start hi nahi hota………………

    • saurabh says:

      It is mainly because of your Internet connection. It takes time to retrieve friend list from facebook and you are timed out.
      1. Update facebook app on your device. Login to facebook.
      2. When loggin in to facebook, stop all other apps running in the background.

  11. dinesh says:

    hi sir I am dinesh

    I buy 1M coins in 650 rs is my problem than not adding in my teen patti account yesterday I purchase this coins

    so reply me fast

  12. Danial rabari says:

    Mere ek friend ne 500 rs per crore k hisab che 80 crore chips banaye hai !!!! Ye kaise possible hai sir!!!
    Plz close private table!!!! Becaz many people fraud !!! Unlimited table pe bulate hai phir guma guma k bakra banate hai so plz aisa bund karo me 80 lakh haar gya isme !!! Dis not fair

    • saurabh says:

      Some indulge in all sorts of tricks to win in the Teen Patti. We are working on finding the solutions. It is not easy to rectify all such problems. It is mainly your own responsibility to be careful specially on Non Limit Private Table till we find the solution.

  13. rohit says:

    Hackers are selling chips in Rs 50 per cr..plz do something teen patti game is not interesting now

    • saurabh says:

      It is not easy to hack Teen Patti accounts. However, some people has found out ways to cheat other players and get their chips. As per terms of service:
      f) You will not use your account to cheat or hack the game by any means.
      e) You shall not sublicense, lease, trade, gift, sell or otherwise transfer your account or associated virtual items partly or fully to anyone without written permission from Octro.
      We are working on tracing these people and banning their accounts.

  14. yug parmar says:

    In Teen Patti local friends are not visible. pls do something.

    • saurabh says:

      We have disabled this functionality as it was causing some problems in the smooth running of the game.

  15. darshik says:

    hello sir Some frends says teen patti band on 30/11/13 is that right sir or not pls reply

    • saurabh says:

      Yes, this is a rumour. Users of Teen Patti are growing at a fast pace. We have updated our servers so that users do not face any problem even during peak hours. Rest assured that Teen Patti will never close.

  16. Play safe says:

    I booked domain through but still not received 1300000 free chips

    • saurabh says:

      “Get Chips for Free” is by Tapjoy, Inc, which is a reputed company of U.S. If you installed some apps or completed some action using Tapjoy offer wall and didn’t get chips, you need to contact them. To contact them, you can launch the “Get Chips for Free” offerwall again and use the “Missing Chips” link on that page.
      You MUST register your complaint.

  17. i need a teen pati application

  18. i need a teen peti game

  19. Poonam sakria says:

    Balance ie deducted from my credit card,but chips not credit to teen patti account,kindly help me out
    Its showing u hav already purchased,but not downloaded

  20. Raj Harvara says:

    I am raj harvara
    When I was playing teenpatti in private table i won 88 lakh chips and when I exit to private table I shown that 88 lakh was not shown in balance so plz cgeck my account statement of before 2 days and refund and crrdit to my account 88 lakh chips
    Its a request to you plz refund it

    • saurabh says:

      This does not happen because of Teen Patti or its servers. Even if you do not agree, there is nothing we can do. You must take it as a part of the game.
      Here is extract from Terms of Service (Read Legal/Privacy at By accepting to use Teen Patti application, you fully understand and agree that you can lose chips because of many reasons beside losing while playing the game. Some of the reasons are client’s data connection, Internet connection, improper behaviour of the client (Teen Patti app), Octro, Inc. server problem, sudden increase in traffic, someone else using your account or your account is hacked and many more.
      We thank you for your interest in Teen Patti.

  21. Hummer says:

    Vxxxx Sxxxx abused me randomly during a game at around 3:00am. This is not going to be tolerated. Messages should be disabled.

  22. Rahul says:

    I deleted teen patti once but still my name appears in friends list on my friends to permanently remove account from teen patti..plz help

    • saurabh says:

      We have disabled local friends list. Your friend must have added you in his facebook friends list. We have nothing to do with this.

  23. Pankosh reddy says:

    I have purchased 10kchips for 55rs today till now it is not credited to my account…

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